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POW has a situation we need assistance with, some of the women we would love to help can not afford self defence classes. WE are a non - profit organization and it's a reality that most women in poverty are more likely to be abused, abducted or killed. We need your assistance in making this a service available to all women!  You can be apart of the POW Movement, Here's how you can be involved. 

Together we can create opportunity for the mothers, daughters and grandmothers in our community.


$25 Covers 1 hour of Self Defence Training

$100 Covers A Girl To Attend POW Girls Workshop

$200 Covers 10 hours of Training

You can help us make a difference. 


Black Belt Sponsors


powerful community impact

POW is a not-for-profit organization based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Many of the communities we work in need self-defence, and don't have access to the funding to make it possible. 

We accept donations of any amount. Black Belt Sponsors, sponsors who contribute $5,000 or more, make a huge impact putting women and children in volatile situations through self defence training and more. 

Black belt sponsors receive:

  • Recognition on the website

  • recognition on social media

  • recognition at events

Are you interested in becoming a black-belt sponsor? 

Contact us today.

Authentically: Power Our Women

Authentically: Business & Life Solutions

Authentically is a Regina-based website development and marketing company in Regina, Saskatchewan and an official sponsor of Power Our Women.


JLW Photography

Jamie of JLW Photographer is a Regina-based  photographer specializing in editorial photography, and wedding and lifestyle. Her powerful imagery can be found throughout her site. 


Redway Training

Redway brings training to First Nation reserves first aid and was integral in helping POW get set up with equipment and early business planning.