I love traveling, I love meeting the new people in the communities and seeing them feel the power they have through the POW program. It is sometimes difficult to hear the stories or see the struggles because no one deserves what they endured. But I give my full attention and I honour their voice and spirit. I've always said that the women and girls teach me as much as I teach them. It is this powerful exchange of knowledge. 

When I get home I need to reset. I feel high, my ears ring, my heart flutters, my spirit is still with the community. But I have to acknowledge the moment and connect with my family and ceremony, that is what grounds me. 

Before we leave, we call ourself. Smudging and carrying sage is apart of our spiritual protection, I need to practice this daily because it is easy to get distracted or feel weighed down with other peoples energy, and no one means to add weight to your life. It just comes with human connection. It's apart of helping others and its important to put yourself in check and I know a lot of you know what i'm talking about. 

We sometimes need the reminder to stop, take a full breath of air, acknowledge the struggle/lesson, grab your tobacco, say a prayer and then let it go. Don't hang onto it. You do good work and Creator knows your path, faith will be restored. 

Just a thought, as I am fully recouped from the traveling I did in the past 4 weeks. I got to be home for 4 days straight. Beading, writing, coffee dates and planning future endeavours. We will be on the road again this weekend. 

I love this photo taken by Peter Scoular of my son lighting the smudge while I braid his hair. <3 Ambe Waste!